QSL October 2015

#623: WGDJ Rensselaer NY 1300. Brief e-mail from Paul Vandenburgh

wgdj talk_1300_logo

#622: New country #162: Slovenia. RTV Slovenia 918, Facebook.

rtv slovenija logo

#621: KCNZ Cedar Falls IA 1650 E-mail QSL Oct 28 from Mary Williams, Station Manager. Reported Oct. 26.


#620: new state #32: KTLK Minneapolis MN 1130 e-mail pdf letter from Jess Meyer Director of  Engineering along with an original recording from the time I heard the station on Oct. 27 at 0600 UTC.

KTLK 27 October 2015 Kai Mauseth

ktlk 1130 logo

#619: WLQV Detroit MI 1500 e-mail from Brad Smith, Sales Manager, Oct. 28. Reported Oct. 26.

wlqv 1500 logo

#618: New country #161: ARMENIA. TWR Gavar 1377 E-QSL


#617: New country: #160: MOLDOVA. TWR Grigoriopol, 999 khz. E-QSL.


#616 New state #31 and new country #159: KEWE Maui Hawaii 1240 v/s John Detz, President & General Manager. Heard at 1000 UTC on Oct. 26. QSL arrived 10 hours later.

kewe 1240 logo

#615 KLO Ogden UT 1430. E-mail from Pete Eisenstein, Creative Director.

klo 1430 logo

#614: CJRS R Shalom Montreal 1660. E-mail from v/s Alexis Leblanc, saying “It is our station”

cjrs 1660 logo

#613: YVQX R Nueva Esparta, Isla de la Margarita 920. E-mail QSL from Nelson Ramos Gerente Production

“Estimado Sr. Kai Mauseth. presente

Tengo a bien dirigirme a Ud.con la finalidad de confirmar su QSL desde Venezuela Isla de Margarita donde se encuentra la Planta transmisora de Radio Nueva Esparta 920 am con gran placer y orgullo le reitero mis mas saludos cordiales en su QTH en Noruega junto a todo su componente Familiar Y doy Fe por medio de este correo que el el Sr. Kai Mauseth, en Noruega, efectivamente, ha escuchado nuestra emisora, Radio Nueva Esparta 920 khz. el día Octubre 3, 2015 a las 22.40 hora Venezuela (0310 UTC Octubre 4). 
Sin mas a que hacer referencia y agradeciéndole su gentileza para con nosotros se despide”

nueva esparta 920 logo

#612: YVNG Ondas del Mar, Puerto Cabello 1380. E-mail verification Oct. 20, reported May 1.

ondas del mar logo

#611: WISN Milwaukee WI 1130, QSL Oct 19, report from Feb. 14 after f.up. V/s: Terry Kegley, Chief Engineer.

wisn 1130 logo

#610: New country #158: SLOVAKIA. R. Devín, 1098 khz. Facebook QSL after 1 hour, heard today, Oct. 18.

radio devin logo

#609: OCU4I Radio Bienestar, Lima 1360 khz answered my report today, Oct. 16, by e-mail from Manuel F. Soto at the CRP company which owns Nueva Q, now Bienestar. Heard Jan. 23 2015.

bienestar logo

#608.: FM QSL #1. Radio Ostseewelle Hit Radio Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 107.3 Mhz. Heard on the car radio October 3 during tropo conds. V/S Antje Kagel, Assistentin der Geschäftsführung

ostsewelle logo

#607: New Country #158: CZECK REP. Radio Dechovka 1233 khz, Heard on Kong 29.8. Nice PDF QSL


#606: LV6 R Nihuil Mendoza 680, Facebook QSL “si, nos sintonizaste”

radio nihuil 680

#605: New Country #157: SLOVENIA. Radio Murski Val 648 khz, e-mail QSL Oct. 15, v/s Jerneja Pirnat, Marketing heard on the KONG SDR Oct. 11.

radio murski val 648

#604 LRA26 R Nacional Resistencia 620, Facebook QSL from Pedro Réttori Director emisora, with full QSL text: “El Sr Kai Mauseth, en Noruega, efectivamente ha escuchado nuestra emisora Radio Nacional Resistencia en 620 Khz el 16 de septiembre de 2015 – 02.00 hora de Argentina”

radio nacional resistencia logo

#603, country #157: Bahamas ZNS1 Radio Bahamas 1570, e-mail QSL from Vaughn P. Miller Director/Radio saying “This is to confirm that Mr. Kai Mauseth has heard ZNS-1 on October 2, 2015 at 0230 UTC.”

radio bahamas 1540

#602: New country on MW. La Voz del Yuna Bonao, Dom. Rep. 1670 answered my report on Facebook today, Oct. 12. Reported Sep. 17. Tried a couple of e-mails, but Facebook worked. “Buenas tardes señor Mauseth si es nuestra emisora que ha escuchado. Gracias por su reporte de sintonía y su mensaje.”

la voz del Yuna logo

WBAL Baltimore MD 1090. QSL number 2 from Scott Masteller, Program Director

wbal qsl2

CHSM Steinbach 1250. I already got a brief confirmation from Ed Siemens. Today a formal QSL letter arrived. Thanks to Matt Heindrich, broadcast technician.


#602. New country. #156: ARMENIA. TWR 864. Heard on the KONG SDR Sep. 29. QSL Oct. 8.

TWR Armenia 864 QSL

#601: WSAR Fall River MA 1480. V/S Rick Oliveira, heard on the Smöla SDR Sep. 29.

WSAR 1480 LOGO 2

#600: VOAR Mount Pearl NL 1210 khz. V/s R. Brian Mathews, CE, heard on the Smöla SDR Sep.3.

voar logo

#599: New country on MW. DWUN UNTV La Verdad 1350, Philippines. Facebook verification saying “Hi, Mr. Mauseth. Glad to know that our transmission reached you. Keep on listening.”. Heard on the KONG SDR Sep. 29.

dwun 1350 logo

#598: WBAL Baltimore MD 1090. E-mail QSL Oct. 2 from Cary L Pharigan, saying “Verifying…thank you!”. Heard on the Smöla SDR Sep. 29.

wbal 1090 logo

#597: LS11 R Provincia de Buenos Aires 1270. Nice E-mail QSL from Jefe Technico,  Prof. Oscar José Somma, Productor

QSL Oct. 2, reported August 6 on the Smöla SDR, f.up. Oct. 2.

LS 11 Radio Provincia Buenos Aires LOGO

#596: KNX Los Angeles CA 1070, E-mail “That is us.  Thanks for reaching out.” from Ken Charles, Program Director

QSL Oct 2, heard Sep. 28 on the Smöla SDR.

knx logo

#595: WOQM Natick MA, 1060. E-mail “yes, that’s us” from Gina Weiss, Director of Radio Production, Station of the Cross. QSL Oct. 1. Heard on the Smöla SDR the same day.



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