QSL November 2015

#628: ZYL268 R Itatiaia Belo Horizonte, 610 khz. E-mail QSL on a Twitter report. Reported October 9. QSL Nov. 3.

“Somos da Rádio Itatiaia. O áudio que você publicou no Soundcloud é mesmo nosso”.

radio itatiaia logo

#627: WLIB New York NY 1190, v/s Alex Roman Director of Integrated Technologies

wlib 1190

#626: WSSP Milwaukee WI 1250. E-mail from Chuck Sullivan

wssp 1250 logo

#625: CBI Sydney NS 1140. E-mail. v/s: Wendy Bergfeldt, Producer. Heard the local program ending at 18 PM local time, last Friday, Oct. 28.

cbc 1140 logo

#624: WCBS New York 880. E-mail. v/s Marc Rayfield, SVP Market Manager. QSL Nov. 1 on a report from Oct. 1, 2015.

Another QSL Oct. 2 from Joe Stack, N2JOE, Chief Operator who also sent a nice picture of the antenna site. 

A snailmail QSL arrived February 23 signed by Dennis Gruiani, Engineer. Thanks for that.

WCBS 880 LOGO 2016-02-23 20.20.47-1


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