#639: CFGO Ottawa ON 1200, e-mail from Jody Hamilton, Bell Media.


#638: New State.  KRND Fox Farm WY 1630. Facebook QSL

KRND logo 1630

#637: WAXY South Miami FL 790, v/s Len Weiner, Program Director, who writes: ” Hi Mr. Mauseth…that is indeed WAXY, 790 AM, The Ticket in Miami, Florida! The show you were listening to is a network show…called “Sports Center All Night”…originating from ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut…about two hours north of New York City… Our station has local programming from 6am-to-10pm Monday-Friday…and local and network programming on the weekend. Sometimes weekday evenings at 7pm we broadcast a talk show…other times a basketball game. We are the flagship station of the local NBA team…the Miami Heat.”

“I can confirm that Mr. Mauseth, Oslo, Norway, has heard WAXY South Miami on 790 khz on October 31, 2015 at 0630 UTC.”

waxy 790 logo


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