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#656:    ZP20 Radio America, Ñemby, 1480, aka Radio Iglesia, was first heard August 9 with a strange program. There was no identification. It seemed to be a reading of some sort. As my Spanish is not good at all, I asked Henrik Klemetz. He googled the text in the 1 minute or so recording, and found that it appeared in Radio Iglesias website, word by word. It was part of the book “The Trojan Horse”.  So the station was identified that way. I sent e-mail and fax, but heard nothing from pastor Holowaty who is in charge of the station. Henrik knew him from the time he was at KGEI in SF in the 90-ies.  HK also phoned to the station and asked if they received my report. Maria, the secretary, said they had read it up in a program, “Respuesta bíblica”. They confirmed it that way. HK saved the phone call on his pc and it is now my first voice confirmation.

Thank you Henrik for the help by identifying the station, phone call and saving it.



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