#1107. New QSL. HOQ62 Radio Ritmo, Chitré, Panamá 890 khz was heard on the Smöla SDR on August 30th. This morning Mr José Chávez, Locutor y Productor, took time to verify this reception report on Messenger. Thanks for the QSL (#4 in Panamá. The others are: Reforma 860, Primerisima 1470 and Adventista 1560).

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  1. Hey KAI: Congrats on logging Radio Ritmo – a great catch! I find that your web site has very interesting / useful info. I plan to put your info about the Panama stations to good use since I’m interested in dxing Central America. Panama / Costa Rica are high on my list of wanted countries. Also impressed with your overall record as an amateur radio and broadcast (swl) dxer!


    Mike Beu
    Austin, Texas USA


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