#847: KSUM Fairmont, MN 1370 was heard with country music this morning and a nice identification: “Buckle up and enjoy the ride, here’s more  KSUM country”. I sent a reception report to the technician for several of the stations in the area, Mr. Mark Persons who has a nice blog. http://www.mwpersons.com/


ksum logo


#846: WRPN Ripon WI 1600.  E-mail from Wayne Mausser confirming the report from Nov. 5. Heard on the Kiwi SDR in Kongsfjord with the beverage antenna 340 degrees.

WRPN am1600logo

#845: KBRE La Merced CA 1660 khz QSL today from Jason LaChance
Operations Manager. Heard on the KIWI SDR in Kongsfjord, Nov 5 when the beaver was on.

KBRE 1660 LOGO 105.7_The_Bear


#843: HJBX Ondas Del Meta, Villavicencio 1170 khz was heard this morning with some interference from the usual dominating RCN on the frequency. Identification was quite clear on top of the hour at 0600z. I sent a reception report to their Facebook page and got a reply this afternoon from an anonymous person. My first QSL this season and #26 from Colombia on AM.

ondas del meta