#1058. New QSL #58/2020: XEP Radio Mexicana, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico confirmed my reception report tonight, April 1 on  messenger. Heard Jan. 9 on Kong.

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#1057. New QSL. #57/2020: TWR Parakou, Benin 1476 khz was heard November 19 2019 on KONG during auroral conditiona. Today, March 23 2020, a nice PDF QSL came from Mrs(?) Lourraine Stavropoulos, DX Secretary for Africa. I have Benin from before on shortwave, but it is a new country on Medium Wave.


#1055: New QSL #55/2020. WILS Lansing MI 1320 khz was heard on Kong last weekend and surprised me with a good identification on this crowded frequency. Mr. Kevin Hawley verified the report and inform me about their night power 1900 watts at the time when I heard the station. Update Fri 13th. A 2nd QSL from Mr. Scott Loomis Operations Manager came in the mail today.

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#1054. New QSL. #54/2020: KXRB Sioux Falls, SD 1140 khz verified my report within 15 minutes after sending the report. Mr. Randy Mc Daniel, Brand Manager signed the e-mail. Heard on Kong.

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