MW Log October 2015

1098 18.10. 1851- SVK: Radio Devín. id. FB QSL after 1 hour. KM (Smøla) Edit
846 18.10. 2030- IRN: R Tabriz. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
North America
660 7.10. 0430- CAN: CFFR Calgary AB. KM (Smøla) Edit
680 7.10. 0629- CAN: CJOB Winnipeg MB. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 7.10. 0505- ALS: KFBX Fairbanks AK. ABC nx, CTC. id. Tnx OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1060 7.10. 0448- CAN: CKMX Calgary AB. id. Comedy. KM (Smøla) Edit
1060 1.10. 0200- USA: WQOM Natick MA. “Station of the cross” id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1250 26.10. 0704- USA: WSSP Milwaukee WI. “CBS Sport radio 105.7”. CHSM QRM. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 1.10. 0255-0305 USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. RER. Fox news. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 25.10. 0630-0650 USA: WPGG Atlantic City NJ. RER. Maybe more interesting: Stn. with Latino music and some talk coming up from time to time. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 25.10. 0000- USA: WBAE Portland ME. “The Bay”. Was it the same station 15 min earlier with “America’s Best music AM 14-90”? KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 26.10. 0541- CAN: CJRS Montreal QC. Radio Shalom id. Later a station with RER comes up. KFSW? KM (Smøla) Edit
1650 26.10. 0600- USA: KCNZ Cedar Falls IA. FSR “The Fan” came up instead of the RER station. KM (Smøla) Edit
1660 25.10. 2300- USA: WQLR Kalamazoo MI. nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 25.10. 0606- CAN: CJEU Gattineau-Ottawa QC. nice id before more music. QSL info? KM (Smøla) Edit
1700 26.10. 0500- USA: KVNS Brownsville TX. FSR, nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
Central America
1540 2.10. 0150-0230 BAH: ZNS1 R Bahamas, Nassau. Strong signal at 0230. Reporting on the hurricane and flood situation. New country to me (on my birthday, by the way). KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 16.10. 0630- VIR: WDHP Frederiksted. BBC news. KM (Smøla) Edit
South America
590 11.10. 0445-0500 ARG: LS4 R Continental, Buenos Aires. program “La voz de la noche” was announced. Nice id. KM (Smøla) Edit
610 9.10. 0400- BRA: ZYL268 Rádio Itatiaia, Belo Horisonte MG. Nice id. QSL-info?? KM (Smøla) Edit
680 9.10. 0600- ARG: LV6 Radio Nihuil Mendoza. id. Tnx HK. KM (Smøla) Edit
700 13.10. 0530- ARG: LV3 Cadena 3, Cordoba. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
870 15.10. 0504- ARG: LRA1 R Nacional BA. nice id after the news. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 4.10. 0310- VEN: YVQX R Nueva Esparta, Porlamar. nice id, tc “9.40 minutos”. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 3.10. 0303- CLM: HJCI R Red de RCN, Bogotá. KM (Smøla) Edit
1060 1.10.         –0201 CLM: HJLY R Delfín, Riohacha. signed off with National Anthem right after WOQM had id. Checking this a bit more, I have to agree with Arnstein. A new one to me anyway. QSL info?? KM (Smøla) Edit
1140 16.10. 0550-0600 CLM: HJCL Radio Panamericana, Girardot. id on TOH. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 6.10. 0300- BRA: ZYH714 R Globo Brasilia. came up after the Colombian HJOC had faded out a minute earlier. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 6.10. 0256- CLM: Tentative: HJOC Ecos de Colombia, Bogotá. I think there is an id at this time. Very noisy frequency. KM (Smøla) Edit
1200 5.10. 0500- VEN: YVOZ R Tiempo Caracas. strong signal. Nice id. KM (Smøla)Edit
1260 5.10. 0545- BRA: ZYK688 Rádio Morada do Sol SP. id. Brazil on many frequencies this morning. But also NA on 1160 with REL. KM (Smøla) Edit
1320 1.10. 0343- VEN: YVWP R Apolo, Turmero. Nice id. Strong signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
1450 12.10. 0600- ARG: LRI213 R El Sol, Porción Quilmes. nice id. QRM from an other station. KM (Smøla) Edit
1500 4.10. 0252- VEN: VEN: YVRZ Radio 2000, Cumaná. id + tc. KM (Smøla) Edit
1570 2.10. 0400- PRU: OAX4Y R Bethel, Lima. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 22.10. 0524-0550 VEN: YVUD Radio Deporte 15-90 Caracas. together with BBN (t) // web. KM (Smøla) Edit

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