MW LOG September 2015

1035 15.9. 1815- EST: Radio Eli, Narva. id. E-mail QSL 16.9. KM (Kong) Edit
1485 14.9. 2130-2140 NOR: NRK Longyearbyen, Svalbard. equal in strenght as Radio Merkurs. Election program. At this time interview with Erna Solberg on the national service. No id of course. Don’t know if they have their own local election program. First time I hear this. KM (Kong) Edit
675 29.9. 1635-1645 VTN: Voice of Vietnam, VOV1. //web: QRM fra arabisk talende stn. KM (KONG) Edit
720 8.9. 2030- KRE: KCBS Pyongyang. started their program (0500 local time). Good signal. KM (Kong) Edit
792 29.9. 1858-1900 TWN: BEV79 Keelung Kuangpo Tientai. Identified by Jari Savolainen, tnks. KM (KONG) Edit
1134 30.9. 1447- JPN: JOQR NCB Bunka Hoso Tokyo. id. QSL info? KM (KONG) Edit
1143 28.9. 1749- TWN: Taiwan Fishery Broadcasting Station. end of nx. Probably id. Strong signal. Tnx for tip Arvid H. KM (Kong) Edit
1179 30.9. 1451-1500 JPN: JOOR MBS Mainichi Hoso, Osaka. Fading in and out, MBS id 1500. QSL info? KM (Kong) Edit
1188 30.9. 1502- JPN: JOKP NHK Radio 1, Kitami. mentioning Hokkaido in the news. KM (Kong) Edit
1287 27.9. 1800- JPN: JOHR Hokkaido Hoso, Sapporo. strong signal. Looking for QSL-info. KM (Kong) Edit
1296 29.9. 2000- TWN: BCC News Network, Taipei. identified by my Chinese friend Ying :). KM (KONG) Edit
1341 6.9. 1830- CHN: Shenyang RGD Tiyu. Had to get some help identifying this one. KM (Kong) Edit
1350 8.9. 2000- JPN: JOER Hiroshima. id. An e-mail to was quickly answered by a journalist who was about to start his morning program. KM (Kong) Edit
1350 29.9. 2030-2032 PHL: DWUN UNTV R La Verdad. clear id. My first Phil. KM (KONG) Edit
1377 14.9. 1430- CHN: CNR1. ID. Confirmed. KM (Kong) Edit
1413 8.9. 1800- JAP: JOIF Fukuoka. id. S9. JJ on 1350, 1287, 1278 as well. KM (Kong) Edit
1593 27.9. 1500- CHN: CNR1 . ID. QSL from Ying Lian. KM (Kong) Edit
1530 8.9. 0345- STP: VOA Sao Tomé. Aurora conditions. Strong signal. KM (Smøla) Edit
North America
620 30.9. 0215- CAN: CKRM Regina SK. KM (Smøla) Edit
680 23.9. 0405- CAN: CJOB Winnipeg MB. an “680 CJOB” ending the wx report. QSL back in 1986. KM (Smøla) Edit
700 30.9. 0235- CAN: CJLI Calgary AB. //web. KM (Smøla) Edit
750 4.9. 0326- CAN: CKJH Melfort SK. “CK 750”. KM (Smøla) Edit
760 28.9. 0605- USA: WJR Detroit MI. id before RER continued. This also may have been in my log in the early days, but new since the new beginning. KM (Smøla) Edit
840 30.9. 0247- CAN: CFCW Camrose AB. ID. Best on LSB. First time I hear it on the new frequency. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 28.9. 0555- USA: WKNR Cleveland OH. ESPN radio. Local ads for Cleveland companies. KM (Smøla) Edit
860 28.9. 0554- CAN: CJBC Toronto ON. FF “Ici Premiere” id. KM (Smøla) Edit
870 28.9. 0548- USA: WWL New Orleans LA. ID. I might have heard it in the early years, but it’s new since the new beginning. KM (Smøla)Edit
880 28.9. 0542- CAN: CHQT Edmonton AB. id. An other station under. That was usually the case on many frequencies this morning. KM (Smøla) Edit
940 28.9. 0538- CAN: CJGX Yorkton SK. “GX94”. KM (Smøla) Edit
950 30.9. 0110- USA: WWJ Detroit MI. “WWJ Newsradio 950”. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 23.9. 0521-0532 USA: WDAY Fargo ND. nice id after the news. KM (Smøla) Edit
980 30.9. 0135-0200 CAN: CJME Regina SK. “Newstalk 980” won the fight between several stations. One SS coming up from time to time was interesting and has to be checked. Also CHRF was in this mess. Came up with a FF song at the end. KM (Smøla) Edit
1070 28.9. 0408- CAN: CHOK Sarnia, On. a station with CBS news on TOH has to be checked. Plus a station with SS talk fighting with these two. KM (Smøla) Edit
1070 28.9. 0500- USA: KNX Los Angeles CA. it’s 10 o’clock, CBS news. KM (Smøla) Edit
1090 29.9. 0620- USA: WBAL Baltimore MD. id. Heard back in the old days, but no QSL, so I will try this time. One of the last signals on the band this morning which was typical east coast oriented. KM (Smøla) Edit
1150 27.9. 0555-0600 CAN: CKOC Hamilton ON. local ads for Hamilton companies. Fox Sport Radio id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 23.9. 0507- USA: KSL Salt Lake City UT. nice id after wx report. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 26.9. 0434- USA: KSL Salt Lake City UT. Some West Coast also before this time. KOMO was strong, but after 0440 someone removed the antenna? Nothing at all except Europe :). KM (Smøla) Edit
1200 23.9. 0535-0540 USA: KFNW West Fargo ND. rel. tlk. // web. KM (Smøla) Edit
1210 3.9. 0440- CAN: VOAR St. John’s NL. last signal this morning. KM (Smøla) Edit
1220 23.9. 0500- CAN: CJRB Boissevain MB. classical mx. Ad from the sponsor at 0400. KM (Smøla) Edit
1240 18.9. 0522- CAN: CKIM Baie Verte NL. VOCM id. The uid on 1230 was indeed WCMC which is running oldies format. Tnks OJS. KM (Smøla) Edit
1250 23.9. 0503- CAN: CHSM Steinbach MB. ad from the sponsor between class. mx. Not shure if I’ve heard it before. At least new since the new beginning. KM (Smøla) Edit
1300 27.9. 0610- USA: WOOD Grand Rapids MI. id before CTC. KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 29.9. 0515- USA: WRCA Watertown MA. Jim Reeves. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1350 29.9. 0600- USA: WOYK York PA. NBC sport radio. Id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 17.9. 0440-0445 USA: WEGP Presque Isl ME. Id. Back on air Sep. 10 with religious programming, acc. to FCC. bin/ws.exe/prod/cdbs/forms/prod/ KM (Smøla)Edit
1430 4.9. 0345- USA: KLO Ogden UT. “KLO World Class Talk”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1430 23.9. 0420- USA: KLO Ogden UT. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 25.9. 0450- USA: WLAM Leviston ME. id. But SS speaking YL dominated. (315). KM (Smøla) Edit
1480 30.9. 0750- USA: WGVU Muskegon, MI. One of the last signals this morning. “Real Oldies 14-80”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1480 29.9. 0530- USA: WSAR Fall River MA. Nice id: “Fall River number 1 radio station, all day, every day, we are 1480 WSAR Fall River” + ABC nx. KM (Smøla) Edit
1490 18.9. 0443- USA: WBAE Portland ME. “AM 1490 – The Bay”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1550 28.9. 0830- USA: KKOV Vancouver WA. weak signal, no id yet but // web. Tnks Arvid H for notifying. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 30.9. 0601- USA: WUNR Brooklyn, MA. ID. Hoping for something else. KM (Smøla) Edit
1630 30.9. 0345-0400 USA: KRND Fox Farm WY. good id at 0400. Musica Mexicana. Fighting with an other station with EE tlk // web KM (Smøla) Edit
1680 1.9. 0340- USA: WTTM Lindenwood NJ. La Unika Radio // web KM (Smøla)Edit
1700 1.9. 0321- USA: WRCR Ramapo NY. id. First NA of the month. KM (Smøla) Edit
1700 30.9. 0425- USA: WRCR Ramapo NY. Wx report. A sport station and a ss station came up a couple of times some minutes before that. Texas? KM (Smøla) Edit
Central America
580 6.9. 0430- PTR: WKAQ San Juan, PR. strong signal. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
1160 11.9. 0350- ATG: Caribbean Radio Lighthouse, Jolly Harbour. //web. QSL back in 1977. KM (Smøla) Edit
1640 25.9. 0400-0405 DOM: Tentative: HI.. R Juventus Don Bosco, Sto Domingo. weak signal, checked but not // web – disappeared 5 min later. KM (Smøla) Edit
1670 17.9. 0355-0400 DOM: HI.. La Voz del Yuna, Bonao. id 0400. signal is s5 with some QRN and QSB. Also checked the web page: KM (Smøla) Edit
1680 28.9. 0200-0230 DOM: Tentative: HISV Radio Senda, San Pedro de Macorís. SS talk fading in and out with WTTM which played music. No id yet but // web. An EE speaking station came up also during the time (WOKB?). KM (Smøla) Edit
South America
560 6.9. 0431- GUY: NCN Voice of Guyana. BBC px. KM (Smøla) Edit
610 10.9. 0340- BRA: ZYL268 R. Itatiaia, Belo Horisonte MG. //Web. KM (Smøla) Edit
620 16.9. 0500- ARG: LRA26 R Nacional, Resistencia, Chaco. id. Best on LSB. KM (Smøla) Edit
680 6.9. 0353- VEN: YVQR Radio Continente Cumaná. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
700 20.9. 0533- CLM: HJCX W Radio, Cali. //web – Boogie night. KM (Smøla) Edit
820 11.9. 0305- ARG: LRA8 Radio Nacional, Formosa. id. Corrected the date. First time I heard that station was back in 1977, when I got a nice QSL letter and pennant + newspaper article. KM (Smøla) Edit
830 20.9. 0530- VEN: Tentative: YVLT R Sensacion Caracas. id like “Ondas del Pueblo”. Slogan or new name? del-pueblo. KM (Smøla) Edit
850 6.9. 0435- VEN: YVZC R Fe y Alegria, Maracaibo. Rel. px. Station under was more interesting with nice music. KM (Smøla) Edit
910 20.9. 0419- VEN: YVRQ RQ 910 AM Center, Caracas. TC. KM (Smøla) Edit
920 14.9. 0103-0115 BRA: ZYH519 R Novo Tempo, Salvador, BA. Found id on the recording. Any QSL from this station? KM (Smøla) Edit
920 19.9. 0458- VEN: YVQX R Nueva Esparta, Porlamar. nice id – QSL info?? KM (Smøla) Edit
930 5.9. 0430- CLM: HJCS La Voz de Bogotá. ID. KM (Smøla) Edit
940 19.9. 0503- VEN: Tentative: YVMN R Punto Fijo. too faint for report. EVT. YVZR R. Continental, Barinas. KM (Smøla) Edit
970 24.9. 0425-0430 CLM: HJCI R Red de RCN, Bogotá. //WEB. Id 0430 – just to indicate that conditions are more to this direction today. KM (Smøla) Edit
980 20.9. 0516- CLM: HJES RCN Cali. “RCN La Radio”. KM (Smøla) Edit
1050 20.9. 0500- VEN: YVNV RNV Caracas. Radio Nacional id continued with music (Canal Musical) + one other station with music. KM (Smøla) Edit
1060 10.9. 0355- BRA: Tentative: ZYL278 R. Grande 880, Belo Horisonte MG. QSB. No id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1120 10.9. 0400- BRA: ZYK274 Rádio Rural AM, Porto Alegre, RS. id. KM (Smøla) Edit
1130 20.9. 0430-0450 CLM: HJVA R Vida Bogotá. at least two stns fighting. One with Rel. px which was strong at 0450, possible id at 0450 (R Vida) + YV stn with nat. anthem at 0433 (R. Popular ?). Probably Ideal too with romantic music. KM (Smøla) Edit
1280 6.9. 0224- CLM: HJKN Radio Unica, Bogotá. //web. Strong signal a minute or two. Faded out. KM (Smøla) Edit
1310 5.9. 0338- CLM: HJJZ Aviva 2, Bogotá. slogan “la radio de espiritu’ (ex R. Manantial). KM (Smøla) Edit
1330 14.9. 0435- BRA: ZYK736 R Terra AM, Osasco, SP. //web. Strong signal for a while. KM (Smøla) Edit
1390 5.9. 0345- VEN: YVZA Radio Fe y Alegría, Caracas. KM (Smøla) Edit
1470 2.9. 0000- PRU: OAU4B R Capital, Lima. KM (Smøla) Edit
1500 2.9. 0028- PRU: OBX4I R Santa Rosa, Lima. (1499.822). KM (Smøla) Edit
1510 2.9. 0020- PRU: OCX4J R Tarma, Tarma. several ids. KM (Smøla) Edit
1540 22.9. 0200- BRA: ZYK514 Rádio Cultura Leme PB. A “Cultura” id mixed together with the ususal Sant’ana. Going through the recording more I find a national anthem. After that only Sant’ana. Agree? radio-cultura-leme. KM (Smøla) Edit
1570 2.9. 0003- PRU: OAX4Y R Bethel, Lima. KM (Smøla) Edit
1590 5.9. 0405- CLM: HJIA BBN, Medellin. KM (Smøla) Edit
1600 3.9. 0430- BRA: ZYK779 Rádio Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo. Rel. mx. id? KM (Smøla) Edit
1620 23.9. 0410- HOL: Radio Terra Nova. Clear id. Wrong time for pirate stations, I thought, but a bit later I heard Dutch talk, so it is a pirate. KM (Smøla) Edit



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