#857:  QSL WDMC Melbourne FL 920 verified my report today. Heard Jan. 28 on the Smöla SDR.  Mr.  Bob Groppe signed the e-mail



#856: QSL. CMCL Radio Mayabeque, Guines 1450 khz verified my report today.  I heard the station on Friday 19.jan. with a good signal on the Smöla SDR with identification before the program “Rumba en el corazon, la vida de José Rosario Viejo”. A full data QSL was received on Facebook.

radio mayabeque logo

#855: QSL HJDU Emis. cultural Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín 1410 Khz was heard with classical music last Sunday just after 09z . Facebook  QSL today. An e-mail QSL is promised also.

emisora cultural logo

#852: QSL: WWBC Cocoa FL 1510 khz. A daytimer which broadcasts only from local sunrise to sunset.  Mr. John Harper, GM., verified my report on Saturday. I heard the station Jan. 11 at 2200 UTC. My first daytimer.

wwbc logo


#851: QSL. CHKT Toronto ON 1430 verified my report today. I heard the station last night with a fair signal. I have tried to get a verification for a couple of years, without success. Now I got an e-mail from Mrs Louisa Lam, News & Public Affairs manager for Fairchild Radio. Thanks to Fredrik Dourén for v/s info.


#850: QSL (HC #11 on medium wave). HC….  Radio Morena, Guayaquil 640 khz was heard this morning on the Smöla SDR.  The signal was good allthough CBN interfered. I heard the nice id: “Radio Morena, la gigante del Pacifico maestro”. A brief response on the Facebook messenger verified my report. Conditions were scattered. Stations from Puerto Rico, East Coast, HJ and YV were heard together with HC stations.

radio morena logo

#849: KBRB Ainsworth, NE 1400 e-mail QSL today from the owner Graig Kinzie. It was heard on the KIWI SDR in Kongsfjord December 3 when the beverage antenna was on.


#848: KNDI Honolulu HI 1270 QSL.  The station has been heard a few times on the KONG SDR. On December 12 the signal was very strong. After a couple of e-mails, I tried a report on Facebook to the General Manager who verified my report on messenger. Thanks a lot Geronimo.

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