#869: QSL. EAJ32 SER R. Santander 1485 was heard last evening on the KONG SDR. This afternoon Señor Roberto González Arroyo verified my report in an e-mail.

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#868: New country on Medium Wave. NewsTalk ZB 1035 khz, Wellington verified my report today. Heard a couple of days ago on the Kiwi SDR in Kongsfjord with beverage antenna. Nice e-mail from Mr. Angus Mabey, Assistant content director.

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#867: QSL. New Country (#168) V7AB Radio Marshall 1098 khz verified my report today. Heard on the Kong SDR several times. The report was from Feb. 11. A brief e-mail came from Mr. Antari Elbon.


#866: QSL. CMKO Radio Angulo, Holguin, 1490 khz verified my report on Facebook messenger last night.  I heard the station on Friday using the Smöla SDR.   Thanks to Henrik Klemetz who helped me identify this one. Señor José Vázquez Ferreiro, Locutor signed the confirmation on Facebook. He tell me that Radio Angulo use 1490 after Radio Mayari signed off at 8 PM local time.  Radio Mayarí broadcast from 6AM to 8PM. Thanks a lot.

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#865: QSL: NEW COUNTRY (#167). Gold FM Fiji 990 khz was heard last Sunday, Feb. 11th  About the same time as the Norwegians took gold, silver and bronze medals in the Olympics in Korea, I was listening on the Kiwi SDR in Kongsfjord with a 500 m beverage antenna and heard this station among others from the Pacific region.

Dion Cavu, producer, verified the report in an e-mail.  After the normal verification text, Dion says further: “We recently launched our AM frequency after a lapse of a number of years to cater to our far flung audiences in the outer islands as well as those in
the interior of the main islands and also act as a backup service in times
of natural disaster.
The strength of our frequency has surpassed all expectations and since the
launch, we have received messages from a number of DX enthusiasts in the
region and  around the world including Dx’ers from as near as Rotuma  and
New Zealand and as far as Finland and above the Arctic circle, which has
truly blown away all expectations of how powerful our AM signal is.”

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#864: QSL: WADK Newport RI 1540 verified my report today. I heard the station on Feb. 1 on the Smöla SDR. This is my 2nd daytimer on 1540 khz in a few days. Mr. Steven Conti signed the e-mail

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#862: QSL: WIZZ Greenfield MA 1520 khz verified my report today. Heard yesterday on Smöla.   Mr. Daniel J. Ferreira, Jr, in the engineering dept says this: ” I QSL your 6FEB18@1640 EST reception report of WIZZ, Greenfield, MA, USA! Congratulations on your catch.  WIZZ operates with 10,000 Watts into a phased and spaced two tower antenna system to create a cardioid pattern, with the lobe to the east and the null towards WWKB, Buffalo, NY, USA(west).  WWKB is the dominant station on 1520kHz, so WIZZ must protect their daytime coverage pattern.  WIZZ is licensed as a “daytime only” facility, and drops carrier, altogether, at local sunset.” “WIZZ is always glad to get DX reports, especially from across the Atlantic“.  He promises a proper QSL card and antenna pattern diagram in the mail too.


# 861: QSL. WMCA New York 570 khz verified my report today. Heard this morning under CFCB (VOCM) and also Cuba on the Smöla SDR.  Mr. Stu Engelke CE signed the e-mail.



#860: QSL. WNWR Philadelphia, PA 1540 khz verified my report today.  Mr. Alan Pendleton, President of the New World Radio Group signed the e-mail which was written partly in Norwegian. He tells me that his grandmother and grandfather came from Norway and Sweden respectively which was outrageous at the time. He is currently learning Norwegian.

His grandmother taught him this poem to say to his grandfather:

Ten thousand Sweedes ran through the Weedes
Chased by One Norwegian
Ten thousand more ran to the shore
In the battle of Copenhagen
Way, way back in history
Back when the world was new
Norwegians searched all over
To find some snoose to chew
They fished for Lutefisk and Torsk
It helped to make them strong
And you and me, we know a Norsk
Cannot do nothing wrong
But Sweedes and Danes were anxious
Of Viking trips and raids
The Viking shield and helmet horns
Made all those folks afraid
Throughout the world the Vikings sailed
To Ireland and France
They even found America
One afternoon by chance
My Grandpa says, and he should know,
The Sweedes made up their minds
To beat the Norsky Vikings
And kick a few “behinds”
But history, so my grandpa says,
Shows that the Norskies won
They clobbered all the Sweedes and Danes
And made it lots of fun
Ten Thousand Sweedes ran throught the Weedes
Chased by One Norwegian
The dust from the weedes made snoose for the Sweedes
And they called it Copenhagen
   – Hans Myhre.
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