#1047. New QSL. #47/2020. CKFR Kelowna BC 1150. Mr. Laurence King Chief Engineer verified my report in a nice e-mail. Heard on Kong February 16.


#1046: New QSL #46/2020: WLOB Portland Me 1310 khz was heard on the Smöla SDR Feb.6. Today, Mr. Ray Richardson Jr verified my report after sending it through WLOB website form.

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#1045. New QSL. #45/2020. KIHH Eureka, CA 1400. Mrs Rose Schauer sent a PDF card today. She says that Relevant Radio has a limit of replying to two QSL requests per month. I heard the station Feb. 18 on KONG.

A 2nd QSL came in an e-mail Feb. 24 from Mr. James Tejada. Associate Producer R. R.

relevant radio

#1044. New QSL #44/2020. KAUS Austin MN 1480 was heard this night on the KONG SDR. A very busy frequency. I was thrilled to hear their id a brief moment. This afternoon Mr. Dennis Mellem, K0UXA verified my report. He is taking care of some other stations:

KATE-AM  1450khz  Albert Lea, Minnesota
KGLO-AM  1300khz  Mason City, Iowa
KRIB-AM  1490khz  Mason City, Iowa
KWMT-AM  540khz  Fort Dodge, Iowa
KVFD-AM  1400khz  Fort Dodge, Iowa
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#1043: New QSL 43/2020. BBC Three Counties Radio 630 khz was heard on the Smöla SDR a few days ago. I have heard them before, but no reply that time. Mr. Mark Travers verified this report saying that they will close down the MW transmitter on April 2nd. and this may be one of the last reception reports from Norway.

three counties radio