#1107. New QSL. HOQ62 Radio Ritmo, Chitré, Panamá 890 khz was heard on the Smöla SDR on August 30th. This morning Mr José Chávez, Locutor y Productor, took time to verify this reception report on Messenger. Thanks for the QSL (#4 in Panamá. The others are: Reforma 860, Primerisima 1470 and Adventista 1560).

#1106: New QSL. ZP25. Radio Monumental, Chacoi Paraguay on 1080 khz verified my report today. I heard the station February 10 on the Smöla SDR. A couple of f.ups didn’t work, until today when I got this verification by e-mail. “Efectivamente es nuestra señal”. Thanks a lot.

#1105. New QSL. RNE Cabra 972 khz was heard on Smöla back in 2019. I finally got a QSL from the engineer of RNE. Mr José Antonio García Merino. Thanks a lot.

#1104: New QSL. WKOX Everett MA 1430 was heard on Smöla Dec. 14. Mr. Jonathan Mc.Clellan, General Manager eventually got my report from the Boston CE whom I got in touch with through WXKS 1200 who owned the station before they changed ownership and format. Thank you for a new one in Mass.

#1103: New QSL: WMEX Quincy MA 1510. The owner Mr. Ed Perry verified my report today. I heard the station on Smöla SDR Jan. 21 2021. It’s not a new station, because I have the old WMRE verified back in 1986. But I enjoy this oldies format better. If I ever go to Boston after the pandemic, I will contact Mr. Perry and get a tour at WMEX. And also visit Three House and Trillum Breweries.

#1100. New QSL. WURA, Quantico, VA 920 was heard on Smøla this weekend. A Spanish/tejano format station branded “Radio Unida”. A short message from Mr Al Hammond, CE: “Confirmed” is good enough and he confirmed later they were on nightpower 970 Watts. Thanks also to Mauricio Molano Sánchez for assistance.

#1099: New QSL. Flame CCR UK 1521 khz was heard on Smöla Jan. 27. It is a small community station in Willaston with only 70 W output. Martin, G4ZMR verified my report today. He is one of the presenters on the station.

¤1098: New QSL. CMKQ Radio Angulo, Holguin, Cuba 1100 khz was hard Dec. 29 on Smöla. Today a short, friendly, but unsigned e-mail confirmed the reception. On Feb. 24 I received another verification which elaborates further on the program I listened to: “De madrugada”.