A few QSLs on Twitter was just discovered. Haven’t checked that account for a while.

#906: CMKS, Trinchera Antimperialista, 1020 khz heard in 2016 (also called Radio Guantanamo on twitter): “Saludos confirmamos que se trata de nuestra emisora CMKS, Trinchera Antimperialista. Gracias”

radio guantanamo logo



#905. QSL from PBS Liaoning Economy Service 999 khz. An e-mail from our friend at CRI Ying Lian confirmed the reception of the reception March 12th on KONG SDR.


#904: QSL from AFN Misawa 1575 khz today. It was heard on the KONG SDR the other day with an enormous signal and the station manager Stgt Armstrong verified my report on messenger. Thanks a lot.

afn misawa logo

#903: QSL from WMMB Melbourne Fl, 1240 khz – heard on Smöla SDR Jan. 15. Actually my first one on this graveyard channel. And the 2nd station from Melbourne Florida. Thanks to CE for this PDF QSL.


#902: QSL from HOL55 Radio Reforma, Chitré, Panama 860 khz. Nice e-mail from Ms Carmen Heredia García R., Directora del Jurado del Pueblo, today. Heard on the Smöla SDR Sunday morning.

radio reforma logo

#901: QSL KBJA Sandy, UT 1640 verified my report on Facebook Messenger today after some time. Heard Nov. 7, 2018 on Kong. Had to send them a Twitter message to ask them to open the message on Facebook. It worked. Mr Jensen, a Norwegian speaking operator on the station verified the report.

kbja 1640 logo

#899: QSL today from NEW ZEALAND.  I heard the Maori language station Te Upoko O Te Ika on 1161 khz the other day at midnight NZDT, and this morning came an e-mail QSL confirming the reception on the  Kong SDR.

Te Upoko o te lka logo