#902: QSL from HOL55 Radio Reforma, Chitré, Panama 860 khz. Nice e-mail from Ms Carmen Heredia García R., Directora del Jurado del Pueblo, today. Heard on the Smöla SDR Sunday morning.

radio reforma logo


#901: QSL KBJA Sandy, UT 1640 verified my report on Facebook Messenger today after some time. Heard Nov. 7, 2018 on Kong. Had to send them a Twitter message to ask them to open the message on Facebook. It worked. Mr Jensen, a Norwegian speaking operator on the station verified the report.

kbja 1640 logo

#899: QSL today from NEW ZEALAND.  I heard the Maori language station Te Upoko O Te Ika on 1161 khz the other day at midnight NZDT, and this morning came an e-mail QSL confirming the reception on the  Kong SDR.

Te Upoko o te lka logo

#896: QSL: KBGG Des Moines, IA 1700 khz verified my report today. Heard Jan. 22 on the Kong SDR.  Mr. Tigran Grant, CE signed the e-mail.

kbgg logo


#895: QSL: KZGD Salem, OR 1390 verified my report today. Heard Jan. 10 on Kong SDR.  Mr. Edward C. Distell CEO/President signed the e-mail.

kzgd 1390 logo


#894: QSL: WMBM Miami Beach FL 1490 khz, a Christian station, was heard over a year ago on the Smöla SDR. A reminder was sent yesterday and today came a brief reply from Mr. Gregory Cooper (GM).

wmbm logo

#893: QSL today from WSPD Toledo OH, 1370 khz which was heard on KONG yesterday. Thanks to Mr Eric Goldberg, Engineer,  iHeartMedia for the e-mail QSL.

wspd 1370 logo