QSL 2014

Verifications since the new beginning on October 13, 2014.

First report and QSL in this new era came from WOOD 1300 which I heard Oct. 13.


wood 1300

QSL Number 2 in the new era came from 1520 KKXA on a report Oct. 31. v/s Andrew Skotdal, GM promised me also a proper QSL card, which appeared in my mailbox August 13, 2015. Thanks for that.



kkxa 1520

I got a twitter verification from KKCK – The Rock in Colorado 1510 on Oct. 14.

kckk 1510

Then I got my first real QSL in the mailbox from CKDO 1580 on a report Oct. 15. Arrived on Nov. 1.



In the weekend 1-3 Nov. I tried to hear the Finnish Scandinavian Weekend Radio on 1602 khz, but the best signal came in on 6170 kHz on the back side of the beverage antenna. Received a QSL the following day.


scandinavian weekend radio

and my first South American station Radio Santa Fe 1070 on Nov. 7.
Reported the station at 9 AM and the e-mail verification came 4 hours later.


Radio santa fe

On November 10 I got QSL from KOA 850.

Forgot I had a QSL from them back in 86. Never mind. Nice to hear them again.



On Nov. 12 I got a QSL from WLAM 1470. General Manager Patric Collins sent me an e-mail less than 1/2 hour after sending the report.


WLAM logo

CKNX 920. QSL received Nov. 14 after a report Nov. 13.



Nov 18: 

Two QSLs by e-mail:

WTIC Hartford CT 1080



CHED Edmonton AB 630

E-mail from Tom Davies


ched logo

Nov 19: 


E-mail QSL from David Montgommery, General Manager.



Nov 30:

Nice E-mail QSL from Chuck Duncan, General Manager of WCGO 1590 after only 15 minutes:


WCGO 1590

Dec. 3: 

E-mail QSL from WUNR 1600



Dec. 5:

E-mail QSL from WLW Cincinnati OH, 700. Signed by Chief Engineer Ted Ryan

On Dec. 13th I received a QSL card in the mail + some stickers.  Thanks Ted.



Dec 8:

E-mail QSL from Grace Blazer, Program Director at WIOD 610 today.



Also on Dec. 8:

E-mail from Matt at CJMR saying it was their station I’ve heard with English, but that they were uncertain about the time, because it should have been Punjabi at that time. So I mailed him again and specified their local time. He couldn’t confirm it until after the Christmas because of busy time. I count it as a verification anyway, because I sent him a recording of the Punjabi program on an other date.



Dec. 9:

E-mail from Duff Lindsey, Operations Manager at WWNN 1470 and a more formal verification from Jodi Mibaum WWNN/WSBR Radio. the day after.



E-mail QSL from Fred Miller, Operations Manager at WDEA 1370



E-mail QSL from Radio Puerto Cabello, Venezuela 1290 khz on a report from October 21. First station I heard in this new era on Oct 13, but recorded it a week later.  Just got the right e-mail adress from a DX-friend.

Attatched was this nice logo.


Radio Puerto Cabello logo

Dec. 19. 

E-mail QSL from WWVA Wheeling WV 1170 khz on a report from Oct 15.

Chief Engineer Jack Rees says they get numerous reports from Scandinavia and Europe, but that the longest distance report came from Cape Town, South Africa, 4 years ago.

No wonder why the station is coming in nicely in Europe as the towers have been repaired after a storm recently.


wwva logo

Dec 23:

E-mail QSL from Steve Canny who is QSL manager on CFRB 1010.


CFRB logo

Steve says in his mail that if you want a proper QSL card, please send him at least 3 USD to cover the expenses. His mail adress is: 1831 Waterdown Rd.  Burlington Ontario Canada L7P 5A2

Also today, Dec 23 I received a QSL by e-mail from WHBC Canton OH 1480.


whbc 1480 logo

Enclosed were some pictures.

At the same time an E-mail QSL from VAHON Hindustani Radio 1566, from Den Haag, Netherlands.


vahon hindustani radio logo

Very creative solution to postage expenses. A do it yourself card.

V/s was Koos Wijnants, QSL-manager VAHON-Radio

Dec 29:

WHIC Rochester NY 1460. E-mail from Gina Zanicky, Director of Radio Production



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