#794: PJZ86 Z86 Radio, Curacao 860 khz verified my report on Facebook, saying “That’s us”. Heard the station Sept. 25, using the Smöla SDR.


#793: WAAM Ann Arbor, MI 1600 verified my report today. v/s Dan Martin who says it was his voice saying “WAAM” in the beginning of the recording.


#791: HJCC Radio Acuario Estereo, Bogotá, 1010 khz verified my report this evening. Carolina Casas V. signed the e-mail which originally was sent to the info address on their website. I heard the station September 21st using the 700 meter beverage antenna at Smöla.


#790: CHFC Churchill MB 1230 khz verified my report today. I heard the station with a faint signal Sep. 19 and was in doubt if it could be verified. I sent a question to the General Manager of CBC Manitoba, Cecil Rosner, who sent it to the right person: Bryan Harder who says: “Hello Kai. I’m pleased to say that I have listened to the sound file and can confirm that this is our signal from our Thompson studio. I was able to make out the announcer’s voice and clearly heard our signature sting.” 


#789: KGLO Mason City IA, 1300 khz. e-mail QSL received promptly from  Dalena Barz, Market Manager of Alpha Media. I heard the station this morning with a good signal.


#788: Snail mail registrered letter today from PETÖFI Radio,  94.3 Mhz which was heard May 16. Also a key strap was included with this full data QSL. V/S Kornel Suvges, Technical Dep. MTVA. My first Hungarian station on FM.


#787: First NA QSL in this 2016/17 season: WAUB Auburn NY 1590 verified my report today. Heard yesterday with a good signal. V/S: Ted Baker, Program Director who writes: “I’m pleased to confirm your reception of 1590 AM, WAUB in Auburn, New York. We get about three or four reports a year, mostly from Lapland, with Norway a close second. Yours is one of the better quality recordings I’ve heard. We have also had a number of reception reports of our other news/talk station, 1240 AM, WGVA in Geneva. Thanks for writing and let us know if you are able to get WGVA.”



After months wihout any QSLs from LA stations this one appeared in the e-mail today:

#786: (HJJZ?) Radio 3:16 Bogotá 1310 khz verified my report.  Angelly Sánchez, periodista signed the e-mail.  The station appeared just a few days before my logging April 28. Probably a new name for Aviva 2. Thanks to Henrik Klemetz for helping me with the id.