OBU7Z Radio Pachamama Puno, 850 khz was heard August 4 with a good signal. I got a Thumbs up on Facebook.  After some discussion I don’t consider it a QSL yet, but hoping for a better QSL after my reply to the station.

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#784: New country #166 Croatia: Novi Radio, Zadar, 89.3 Mhz verified my report today by e-mail. I heard the station May 26 on the car radio

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#783:    radio subasio logo

Radio Subasio, Italy 87.5 MHz verified my report on Facebook. It was a brief sporadic e opening to Italy Sunday afternoon, July 10, and it was the only station I could hear on my car radio. The station has two transmitters on this frequency. I suppose it is the strongest one I heard. It has 2 kW power and is located near San Marino in Sigillo/Monte Columeo (Monte Cucco)


#781: Radio Atlantis, Friesland, 1395 khz started testing June 20. I heard the station last night with a good signal. I got a reply from the station manager Marcel Joustra PH1MRF  that QSLs will be ready in a few weeks. Looking forward to that.


#780: Radio Studio Delta, Italy  92.8 MHz verified my report on Twitter by retweeting the report and also a direct message “Thank you for your twitter! Your RX 92.8 Mhz Fm is Ok ! Great!!!! Best regards Alberto Emiliani Radio studio delta Italy “. I heard the station May 26 on my car radio. It was the first FM station to be identified this season.

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#773: Radio 24syv, Denmark, QSL. Heard the station on 101.3 MHz June 7 during Tropo conds. QSL on Facebook today.

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#772: Easy Radio Network, Italy QSL. I heard the station on 87.6 MHz May 30. (Sp/E). Verified my report on Facebook today.

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