#799: KGA Spokane WA 1510 khz verified my report this evening. I heard the station on Oct. 10. Jerrty Jensen, Market Manager signed the e-mail. He is proud of beeing partly Norwegian. His grandfather came to USA from Tingvold in early 1900s.

radio-spokane kga-logo

#796: ERT, Chania, Crete, 1512 khz verified my report today. I heard the station June 26 with a good signal at 0100z. Mr. Dimitris K. Gazidellis Ph.D, Director of Network Developement & Operations ERT SA verified my report.


#794: PJZ86 Z86 Radio, Curacao 860 khz verified my report on Facebook, saying “That’s us”. Heard the station Sept. 25, using the Smöla SDR.


#793: WAAM Ann Arbor, MI 1600 verified my report today. v/s Dan Martin who says it was his voice saying “WAAM” in the beginning of the recording.


#791: HJCC Radio Acuario Estereo, Bogotá, 1010 khz verified my report this evening. Carolina Casas V. signed the e-mail which originally was sent to the info address on their website. I heard the station September 21st using the 700 meter beverage antenna at Smöla.


#790: CHFC Churchill MB 1230 khz verified my report today. I heard the station with a faint signal Sep. 19 and was in doubt if it could be verified. I sent a question to the General Manager of CBC Manitoba, Cecil Rosner, who sent it to the right person: Bryan Harder who says: “Hello Kai. I’m pleased to say that I have listened to the sound file and can confirm that this is our signal from our Thompson studio. I was able to make out the announcer’s voice and clearly heard our signature sting.”