#1013. New QSL #13/2020: KCLX Colfax WA 1450 verified my report today. Heard on Kong yesterday, Jan 16. Mr. Steve Shannon Operations Manager Inland Northwest Broadcasting signed the e-mail. This is my 3rd Washington station on 1450.

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#1012. New QSL #22/2020: KLZ Portland, OR 560 khz verified my report tonight. Heard on KONG Jan 12. Mr. Mike Triem Regional Manager for Crawford Western signed the e-mail.

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#1011: New QSL. #21/2020: KFMB San Diego CA 760 was heard on KONG Dec. 8. Mr. Alberto Tier Y Teran, GM verified the report in an e-mail tonight. kfmb logo

#1010: New QSL #20/2020: CFYM Kindersley SK 1210 khz. Heard on KONG Jan. 12. An old aquaintance Barb Bell from Golden West Radio verified this report also (Barb verifyed CJYM 1330 in 2016) .

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#1007: New QSL: 17/2020: WZTI Greenfield WI 1290 khz was heard on the Smöla SDR in November, but I haven’t found the right person to send the report to, until now. This evening, after only a few minutes Mrs Doris Hantke, Business Manager sent a nice e-mail verifying the report.  Thanks for Wisconsin number 18.



#1006. QSL #16/2002. KRDM Redmond OR 1240 KHZ was heard yesterday with “La Bronca” id. During the night a verification came from Mr. Juan Zendejas GM. This is the 2nd QSL from Oreon on 1240 khz.




#1005. QSL #15/2020: KWVR Enterprise OR 1340. Heard on KONG Jan 4. My 2nd Oregon station on 1340 khz and 16th alltogether from that state.

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