#1078: New LPAM QSL. Radio TPOT, Drenthe on 918 khz was heard on the LA8UU Kiwi SDR today with a fair signal. Thanks to Theo for the quick reply on messenger. I am borrowing these pictures from Facebook.

#1077: New LPAM QSL. Radio Piratensound, Lemele 1224 khz. Heard today with identification. I have heard it several times, but only non stop music in // with their web, using the LA8UU SDR. A report was confirmed by the operator a few minutes after sending the report on messenger. Thanks Gert.

#1076: New LPAM QSL today from Radio Eldorado, 1476 Khz located in Damwoude, NL. I heard the station yesterday on the LA8UU SDR. The operator Wiebe Dijkstra confirmed my report on messenger. His station has between 80-100 W into a vertical antenna. Thanks also to Jim Solatie for the info.

QSL today from Radio 0511 which shares tx with Radio Seagull on 1287 khz. I got a QSL from Seagull earlier this week. But yesterday I heard the station with their own id. It was confirmed today by the operator Mark de Haan. Only 100 W into an inverted V antenna.

#1075: New QSL. Radio Amplivier, Damvald NL 1224 khz was heard today on LA8UUs Kiwi SDR. The station has only 100 Watts output into a vertical antenna. Thanks to Mr Pieter Kobus for the verification.

#1074. New QSL: WJDA Quincy MA 1300 is covering Boston with their Spanish format. It was heard on Smöla Nov 15 with a massive signal. It was impressive to the CE also. And I don’t blame him if he thought I was cheating. But others heard it too the same evening. It is only a small 1 kW tx during daytime and it is driven by gas, but with a good location on an island in a lake the signal is booming out, even to Norway. See picture which shows the falling pole which makes it difficult to switch off the daytime tx and switch on the small 72 W night tx. Thanks Mr. Cesar Guevara.

#1073: New QSL from Radio Monique, Velsen-Noord, NL 918 khz. Another LPAM station I heard on the LA8UU SDR last Sunday, 15th (100 w). Playing a lot of nice oldies. This Kiwi SDR is good for hearing the small LPAM stations in NL.

#1072: New QSL from Radio Seagull, Ternaard NL 1287 khz which I heard on LA8UU SDR last Monday, 16.11. This is a relay of their px on 747 khz by Radio 0511.

#1071. New QSL . WUBG Methuen MA 1570 khz was heard on Smöla SDR, Nov 13th. Today I received a nice reply from Mrs(?) Sarah Outman who is Engineering information coordinator for K-Love 1570. The station was heard with daytime power at 5 PM EST (2200 UTC). She writes the following background info about K-love: “We began broadcasting K-LOVE in October 1982.  Since 1982, K-LOVE has grown to a network of 342 radio stations and 226 FM translators as well as 14 HD signals operating coast-to-coast in the United States.  We maintain a website at www.klove.com which includes a link to listen to our broadcast online.” Thanks for the QSL, Sarah.