#842: WOPG Albany NY 1460 verified my report from Jan 17. last evening. V/s was Tom Threlkeld. President

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#836: WNYC 820 khz. QSL today from Steve Shultis, Chief Technology Officer. I heard the station announcing BBC WS for New York on Feb. 28. 


#835: CMCM02 R.Camagüey, Camagüey Isabel Hortensia  1140 khz verified my report with a message on their Word Press blog. I heard the station Feb. 21 with identification “Cadena Agramonte, la cadena provincial Camagüeyana”. (thanks Henrik Klemetz) It belongs to Cadena Agramonte group. Their main station is on 910 khz.  I sent a report to their WordPress blog and an extra question on Twitter if they had seen it and if they could verify it.


#844: HCDF 10 Sistema2, Guayaquil, 1080 verified my report today with a direct message on Soundcloud. I heard the station Jan. 29. Emails to the normal address didn’t work so I found an e-mail to a retired engineer, Sr. Remigio Castillo, who sent the recording to the locoutor Sr. Luis Sanchez Moreno who listened to it and confirmed it was his voice on the audioclip.


I also received a message on Messenger from Sr. Washington Parraga Cruz who uses my suggestion of verification text which I sent by e-mail: sistema2-qsl