#844: HJAY Radio Vida Nueva, Barranquilla, 1490 heard Nov. 7 – QSL Nov. 10 by e-mail to their infoadress.

vida nueva logo


#843: HJBX Ondas Del Meta, Villavicencio 1170 khz was heard this morning with some interference from the usual dominating RCN on the frequency. Identification was quite clear on top of the hour at 0600z. I sent a reception report to their Facebook page and got a reply this afternoon from an anonymous person. My first QSL this season and #26 from Colombia on AM.

ondas del meta

#836: WNYC 820 khz. QSL today from Steve Shultis, Chief Technology Officer. I heard the station announcing BBC WS for New York on Feb. 28. 


#835: CMCM02 R.Camagüey, Camagüey Isabel Hortensia  1140 khz verified my report with a message on their Word Press blog. I heard the station Feb. 21 with identification “Cadena Agramonte, la cadena provincial Camagüeyana”. (thanks Henrik Klemetz) It belongs to Cadena Agramonte group. Their main station is on 910 khz.  I sent a report to their WordPress blog and an extra question on Twitter if they had seen it and if they could verify it.