#1116. New QSL. RNE Extremadura, Cáceres 774 khz was heard on the Smöla SDR January 7. This week I received a QSL from Sr. José Antonio García Merino in Madrid. He has been ill some time and also had to take out vacation from 2021. Therefore he has had a huge backlog of reception reports to go through. Better late than never, I say. Thank you very much for the QSL.


#1115. New QSL. WSTX Christiansted US Virgin Islands 970 khz. I heard the station a couple of times on the Smöla SDR. Today I received an email from the owner Mr. Kevin Rames confirming the report from Jan 23 2022. Thanks a lot. From 2015 I have WDHP 1620 verified from this country.

#1114. New QSL. WTNY Watertown NY 790 khz was heard on Smöla SDR this morning. This evening Mr. Mike Ninnie, General Mngr. verified my report. He says he also was fascinated by this hobby in younger years. Thank you for a new one in New York (#28).

#1114. New QSL: CMAM Radio Artemisa 1020 khz was heard today on the Smöla SDR when they signed off at midnight local time. This afternoon I received a verification including a studiorecording of the identification. This is the 2nd Cuban station on this frequency I have heard and confirmed. 1st one was CMKS R. Trinchera Antiimperalista back in 2016. Thanks to Mauricio Molano Sánchez for assistance.

#1113. New QSL. WIWA Eatonville FL 1270 khz, branded: “The Sheperd”, was heard on Smöla SDR this morning. This evening Mr. Mike Gilland, Operations Manager verified the report saying he received a report not long ago from Finland. And “Incredible how our signal can be picked up at such a distance”. Thanks for a new one in Florida, Mike.

#1112. New QSL. Sunlite Radio 5955 khz started early December. I heard the station December 10th with a good signal in the morning (thanks to a tip from my friend Arvid H). Other times Romania was too strong. The power that time was only 75 Watts. As the information letter explains, the new tx will be installed early Jan. 2022 with 500 W.

#1111: New QSL. KFNW West Fargo ND 1200 khz was heard on the KONG SDR March 14 2020. Today I received a verification from the Chief Engineer, Mr. Greg Schmitke. He apologize for the long delay in replying. Better late than never, I say. Thank you so much for North Dakota #8.

#1110. New QSL: WINZ Miami FL 940 khz. Mrs(?) Grace Blazer, VP National NTS Brand Coordinator, Director of News and AM programming Florida Region verified my report today in an e-mail. I heard the station on Smöla SDR October 30 in a Fox Sport break. I tried a report on Messenger where she eventually found it and asked for my e-mail address. Thanks for the new one in Florida. (#16).

#1109. New QSL: WDDO Perry GA 980 khz. A daytimer heard on Smöla a couple of days ago. Today a nice verification from Mr. Tony Doolin, General Manager, Creek Media.

#1108. New SW QSL. Today I heard ROCK POWER from NL on 7220 khz, using the Kiwi SDR of LA8UU in Holmestrand. After being a pirate station for 45 years it now a legal station from August 8 2021, the manager says in an e-mail.