#921: QSL from WLMV Madison WI 1480 verified my report today by Mr. John Bauer, Director of Engineering. I heard the station Nov. 6 on the KONG SDR. In addition to the usual QSL text he writes:

“WLMV AM1480 is Madison’s only Spanish radio station!  La Movida means “The Move,” providing listeners with a blend of Top 40 Spanish music, up to the minute local news, weather and sports, as well as a calendar of community events. La Movida is programmed by husband and wife team Luis and Lupita Montoto who are experienced business people in touch with Madison’s 40,000 plus Latino population and business community!”

Thank you Mr. Bauer.

wlmv logo


#920: QSL: WHIO Dayton OH, 1290. Heard on Kong Nov. 2. V/S Dennis Kidder CE,

whio 1290 logo

#919: KONP Port Angeles WA 1450 verified my report about 15 minutes after I sent it. Heard on KONG this morning. Mr. Todd Ortloff signed the e-mail.


#918: KTWL Grand Forks ND 1370 was heard on KONG SDR a couple of days ago. Today a QSL came from Mr. Brad Wilson, CE of Real Presence Network. He confirms my reception of KTWL 1370. I think it was on daypower at the time. Night power is only 270 watts.rpr network 1370

#917: QSL from Magic Talk, Tauranga, NZ 1107 khz. I heard the station on the KONG SDR yesterday mentioning the FM frequency 100.6 khz. A verification came today from Mr. Richard Ellerington, Head of On-course Operations.

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#916: New Country.  #171: A3Z Radio Tonga, 1017 khz was heard today with a good signal from 1045 UTC. At 11.04 UTC there was an identification. (Heard on the KONG SDR). I sent a report with the recording to their info e-mail adress on the website. After nearly 12 hours I received a confirmation from Mr. Solomone Finau, Acting General Manager.

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#914: QSL today from Radio Calypso 675 khz, from Oostwold, East Groningen. Jan is a wellknown former pirateoperator who has become legal since Dec 2018. Jan Calypso sent a couple of promo items as well. I heard the station May 3 at 2 AM UTC with some talk that was possible to recognize. I was using the Smøla SDR with a 700 meter long beverage antenna.

#913: QSL today from WHKT Portsmouth VA 1650, heard on the Smöla SDR April 20. V/s Colleen Dick, Market Manager. I heard this station in January 2018 also, but with a different format (Conservative Talk). They switched to REL format in February 2018.

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